A poem about how search engines can't interpret poems

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(The following is a poem about how search engines can’t interpret poems. I’ve written it in jest and as an experiment—with a little help from OpenAI—to see how Google figures out its context, based on this article about a tweet from John Mueller.)


”A poem about how search engines can’t interpret poems” by Luke Davis

Poems are like oceans

Flowing through the blue

Search engines are like ships

On the hunt for something new

But they can’t always interpret

The twists and turns of a poem

The hidden meanings and symbols

They just don’t know ‘em

And all that is left is a bag of words

That don’t always make sense

Or maybe that’s the poet’s fault

For switching between past and present tense

But search engines try their hardest

Those pesky spider bots

To interpret the context of some prose

And connect those linguistic dots

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