About me

I am a senior technical SEO specialist. I love the Web and fell down the world wide wabbit hole back in 2000, before I started coding in HTML myself. Since then, my work journey has taken me on the following trip:

Graphic design > mathematics > a music tech degree > 7 years in customer service > copywriting > SEO > technical SEO

I was born in Bradford, spent most of my life in Luton (via Atlanta for 6 months in 2000), but currently live in Nottingham.

I’m Black (with a capital B), cisgender (he/him), pansexual, neurodivergent, and Probably Autistic.

I love Python, HTML, CSS, and I’m slowly warming to JavaScript. If you want to know what tech I use, check out my Uses page.

I create for people, not algorithms.

In my spare time, I enjoy watching sports, playing Pokémon and reliving my childhood with old computer games and cartoons on YouTube. I love modernist architecture, Mies van der Rohe, and Roger Federer.

I have a degree in Music Technology and I’ve been making music since 2010.

I’ve been learning Portuguese since 2017.

And Free Palestine, give back their land, end the occupation, and ceasefire now!


I’ve had so many versions of this site, I’ve lost count. It originally started life as starcrazy.org back in 2009(?) but eventually, I moved over to lukealexdavis.co.uk in 2010. Since then, it’s taken the form of a blog and a hand-coded personal site with numerous cosmetic changes.

Now, the site is built using Astro and hosted on IONOS (referral link).

The fonts I’m using are Erode Bold for headings and your device’s default system font for body text.

The green used on the site is #285f2b / rgb(41, 95, 43)

All content on this site and my external projects are available under the CC BY 2.0 licence. All I ask is you credit my work if you use it anywhere and link back to the site.

Page created: 25 Nov 2016 (approx.)

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