1 vs 10,000

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Today, I realised that I’m trying to compete with teams of writers.

I run 5 blogs as I’ve mentioned before. I effectively run them all on my own and the topics I cover are the opposite of niche:

There are plenty of sites who cover them individually and collectively. You’ll probably know them well and you’ll also know they have teams of hundreds, if not thousands of writers.

And here I am on my own, trying to compete with them on Google. At first, I wrote whatever I wanted. Then I got serious but lost motivation to write. Then I got my mojo back to write whatever and now I’m back with wanting to write about specific things with SEO (search engine optimisation) in mind.

My mind and goals keep flitting between the two and I’m constantly trying to find a medium all the while knowing I’m on my own. I don’t ask for help because I can’t afford to pay anyone and I don’t feel comfortable asking people to write for free, especially now. So I update when I can, wondering how much better they could all be if things were different.

I guess I should write something then.

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