Blogs and hats

I’ve noticed something about how I approach blogging. “Wearing many hats” is an idiom that means having different jobs or roles and running multiple blogs lends itself to that ideal. My head is never cold.

With each one, I get the following feeling:

  • Sampleface: hard hat - writing reviews of any kind is difficult as I struggle to find words to describe music. More “generic” stuff is easier to write about so I gravitate towards that when I update the site.
  • Cultrface: wide brim fedora - I get more excited about writing for Cultrface because the gamut is so wide. The only thing that stops me from updating it more is the the thing that stops me from writing in general. Well, things: fatigue, procrastination, anxiety, depression, the fact I can’t churn out amazing content in 5 minutes so what’s the point. The usual.
  • LOGiCFACE: chullo - I need to be in the mood to write about STEM. It’s definitely not a lack of ideas, just a lack of motivation and mood. I actually get traffic for some niche topics so the impetus should be there. But for reasons why it isn’t, see above.
  • Playrface: Nike Dri-fit Head Tie, I get a similar feeling writing for Playrface as I do for Cultrface despite lacking critical or technical knowledge of sport. I know what I know and most of it is about tennis and soccer. Anything else I’m just curious and write about those curiosities. Most of the content is about Federer or Championship Manager and the latter brings in the most traffic. Go figure.

I have other blogs. They rarely get updated due to extreme versions of the above problem. And this one just gets random musings when I can be bothered. Like this one. No hat required. Just words.

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