Mlog #003

Here is my media log (mlog) for this past week (6th Nov-12th Nov)


I watched 10 movies this week, heavily inspired by my favourite film critic, Dom Griffin.

You can check my Letterboxd diary on their main site or my historical diaries on my site but here’s a quick list:

Of all of them, Nemesis was my favourite (a recommendation by Dom). It was directed by Albert Pyun and stars a cyborg trying to free himself from the life as a cop and the police demanding he do one last job. It’s chaotic, a mess, and absolutely fantastic. At first, I was like “okay, this isn’t too bad” and then there were two scenes that elevated my enjoyment. One involved an old woman getting harassed by a robot, only for her to pull out a gun from her bag and shooting it to death. Damn, granny! Then there was a fight scene with the main character sliding down a muddy chute and fending off a robot and it was incredible. I’m very tempted to watch it all again. The plot itself is lacking and the dialogue is objectively awful but that all adds to the film’s charm and I don’t think Pyun was trying to make an Oscar winner here. Instead, he won my heart.

In contrast, my least favourite was another Pyun movie called Postmortem. It started Charlie Sheen in the lead role and it just felt like a feature length episode of Taggart (IYKYK), both for the subject matter and the fact it was set in Glasgow (it was originally meant to be set in San Francisco; talk about a switch up!)

I also watched Animalympics for the first time in about 25 years and that was really cool and funny. I still knew the words to the songs (thanks, brain!)


Pokémon Platinum

I started my playthrough a few months ago and I finally finished it. I didn’t enjoy it as much as I wanted. It cemented my opinion that the original Sinnoh games were vastly overrated and I wish Gen 8 hadn’t been dominated by them so much.

Pokémon White

After finishing Platinum, I had the choice of BW or XY. In the end, I chose White despite having completed Black and Black 2 already this year but I needed to give the generation one last chance to see if the first games were really that bad. The difference here is that I’m playing White on an emulator and the graphics are so much better. I might actually enjoy the game this time!


yr fave film critic

My friend Dom has a podcast series called yr fave film critic where he talks about film news, what he’s watched, and answers viewer/listener questions. It’s so good and enjoyable and he has some great recommendations as well (Nemesis being one of them.)

Law & Order clips

I watched one a few days ago and then YouTube said “here, have some more” and I watched some more! I used to enjoy the show until it got so dark that it wasn’t conducive to good mental health. But the clips were good!


Robert Palmer

Nowhere near as much as the weeks before but I still listened to Addicted to Love, I Didn’t Mean To Turn You On, and You Are In My System amongst others

Corinne Bailey Rae

Another amazing artist from West Yorkshire, Corinne Bailey Rae’s new album Black Rainbows is amazing. It has some rock, some punk, R&B, electronica, classical, all of it. And her voice sounds sublime. Amazing range, you should definitely check it out.

Other music you should check out:


No books again this week. Still bad, I know.

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