Mlog #004

Here is my media log (mlog) for March.


I watched 9 movies last month as a distraction from my generally crap mood for March.

You can check my Letterboxd diary on their main site or my historical diaries on my site but here’s a quick list:

Charlotte’s Web was a father-son thing and it was cute and sweet and he enjoyed it. Julia Roberts’s voice was so relaxing as Charlotte and Steve Buscemi played a great rat as Templeton.

I revisited the Happy Death Day series for the first time in a while and had a bit of a 90s film bonanza for the rest of the month, starting with Street Fighter (RIP Raúl Juliá), doing the original Mortal Kombat double for the first time, revisiting Nemesis and Heat, and finally ending with My Life, a poignant movie about life and how we can craft it through a series of misunderstandings but change them at any given moment.


Dragon Quest VIII

I wanted to try a DQ game that didn’t tie me to the PS4 but also wasn’t one of the 16-bit games, and since VIII is so highly regarded, I went for that. I initially tried this on PS2 but the frame rate was so bad on the emulator (even on a Pixel 5), that I went for the 3DS version and it’s been great with the voice acting and the mechanics. Again, I don’t mind the grind as much especially with speed up and it’s not like Pokémon where you don’t necessarily need strategy (compared to VGC).

Dragon Quest XI S

Seeing how good this looked on PS4, I decided to get a PS4 Pro just so I could play it. Yes, it was already on Switch but I don’t regret the decision but it looks and plays amazingly and it’s a game I’m co-oping with my son which adds a unique element to it all. The voice acting is stellar, I actually enjoy the cut scenes for once, and it’s just a gorgeous game so far.

Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince

I picked this up as a promotion treat and I’ve loved it so far. It has all the charm of the previous DQM games and the mechanics are so easy to get lost in. I love being able to speed through battles as grinding is a pain in any RPG. I know there are supposed to be frame rate issues later on but I’ve not reached that part yet and, having played Pokémon Scarlet and Violet for a year and a half, I’ll cope!

Dragon Quest Builders 2

This was supposed to be a game my son and I could play together but he didn’t like all the talking so I’ve played a bit on my own. Not as much as the others but it’s been enjoyable. Minecraft meets Dragon Quest, what’s not to love?


yr fave film critic

My friend Dom has a podcast series called yr fave film critic where he talks about film news, what he’s watched, and answers viewer/listener questions. It’s so good and enjoyable and he has some great recommendations as well (Nemesis being one of them.)

Law & Order clips

I watched one a few days ago and then YouTube said “here, have some more” and I watched some more! I used to enjoy the show until it got so dark that it wasn’t conducive to good mental health. But the clips were good!



Been listening to a lot of his music, for inspiration and just for the vibes. He’s one of my favourite producers right now and his album VII is exemplary.

Zero 7

They’re my most listened to group on and they actually dropped some new music in April which I love.


No books again this month. Still bad, I know.

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