Mlog #002

Here is my media log (mlog) for this past week (31st Oct–5th Nov)


No movies this week. I tried to “acquire” Training Day but my “means of acquisition” were thwarted by slow “acquitision speeds” (please read between the lines here). It’s on my list though!


Pokémon Crystal Legacy

I finally completed it and I’ll be doing a writeup on my Pokémon fan site,

Virtua Tennis 2

Still playing this on and off but it’s started to freeze a lot which messes up my Career mode progress. I suppose this device wasn’t really made for Dreamcast so I’ll take what I can get.

Octopath Traveler 2

I finally started it and I’m enjoying it so far. The cut scenes are a bit arduous but the battle system is really cool and I’ve missed buying equipment for characters. The Golden Sun inspiration is clear!

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

It’s been about 18 years since I last played this and I’ve not got far yet but it’s been fun to see one of my favourite GBA games in all its isometric glory. Also, the dialogue goes hard! No cutesy stuff here and I love it.


Robert Palmer videos

I’m still going through my Robert Palmer hyperfixation.

Astro tutorials

This site is built with Astro but I’d like to improve my knowledge with JS in particular. Shout out to Coding in Public

Rival Locke

I’m onto the second season of Rival Locke where they play Gold/Silver. Lots more noises and silliness.


Robert Palmer

With no signs of stopping. Nearly at 200 scrobbles in the last month. He’s was just so good!


Really enjoyed his latest album, Rediscovery.


No books read this week. Bad, I know.

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