The Luke 100

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2017 has been up and down but one thing has stuck out: I need to be moving forward. I’ve seen a lot of people progressing and I’ve been still. It’s not been a totally stationary year - I moved into my own place, went on my first solo holiday in 5 years, and got a qualification in digital marketing. But that’s about it. I’m still single (less said about that the better) and despite the qualification, my long term career plans remain as “plans” despite efforts to change it.

But I won’t be defeated. My life is to be lived and I won’t stagnate any longer.

This is The Luke 100.

It’s a list of 100 things I want to do in my life. The idea is based on this awesome post by Jon Westernberg and rather than a “bucket list”, it’s a way to invest in yourself. My list is complete and I’m ready to get to work on it. Everything is split into three categories: things that require skills, time, and things I can do right away. I’ve decided to add an extra category: things that require money (because these are investments after all).

I’m working on a website for this but in the meantime, you can find the list on Google Sheets. If anyone wants to help out in any way, I’d be more than grateful.

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