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To whomstever needs to hear this:

If you’re overwhelmed by all the SEO tips, future trends, Python scripts, automation ideas, folks convinced tech SEO is a waste of time and it’s all about CONTENT and LINKS, or the folks obsessed with talking about dinosaurs for some reason… so am I.

Besides my default SEO advice (get a blog), one thing I’ve learnt to do over the years is to filter out things that aren’t in my control or that I can’t immediately do anything about.

e.g. I’d like to train a language model but I can’t right now. Automating whole processes I’ve JUST gotten comfortable with isn’t feasible. Adding further complexities like other people’s Google Sheets to my keyword research process will waste time I should be using to research.

All their respective works are valid, innovative, helpful, and testament to their dedication. But it’s not for us to dig into the moment we see them or we’ll get lost and not be able to do the work we’re supposed to do. We may never use these scripts or tips because we may never need them. It’s all about what works for you and dipping in if it doesn’t.

Easier said than done but this “lite” version of SEO stoicism (or as I have just christened it for this LinkedIn post ‘SEOicism’) can reduce the burnout we’re all feeling, in an industry that likes to tell us we’re perennially behind when we aren’t.

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