Khruangbin & Federer

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I did a Twitter poll for suggestions on what to do tonight and “write something” won out so here I am.

This post will be about two things. The first is my new musical obsession, Khruangbin. I was put onto them by a Black Milk recommendation. Their new album Con Todo El Mundo is one of the best of the year in my opinion and I found a video of a live gig they did for Pitchfork. A week later and I’ve watched/listened to it 19 times. I am OBSESSED. They’re just incredible musicians and pull from inspirations around the world which has inspired me to look for world music myself. Rather than wax lyrical about them, I’ll drop the video below for you to see what I mean.

The second thing I wanted to talk about is Federer. After Nadal’s “supernatural” 11th Roland Garros title win on Sunday, attention lies back with the World #2 Roger Federer as he aims to grab his #1 spot back and retain his Wimbledon title. He’s in Stuttgart for the Mercedes Cup this week and should he reach the final, he’ll be back on top for his 310th week. But I’m worried he won’t emulate Nadal in his title defence as Nadal is stronger on clay than Federer is on grass. Most players “fall back” on clay but stay hyper competitive on grass as Wimbledon is the biggest grand slam of the year. I’m probably being premature as I’ve not seen Federer play on grass yet (he starts tomorrow against Mischa Zverev) but given his choke in Indian Wells, 2nd round defeat in Miami, and then 3 months off, I’m unsure. But I felt that way after his 6 months off in 2016 and he’s 3 grand slams up since then so anything is possible. Ultimately, he’s past the moment he should be dominant so I’m trying to be grateful he’s even playing, let alone defending grand slam titles.

So, to conclude. Watch Khruangbin and Federer at their best below.

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