A note on some notes on writing

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I love this piece by Tom Critchlow on Writing, Riffs & Relationships:

It isn’t that I know more than you and I’m blasting it in your face. “HERE, ALLOW ME TO BLAST MY EXPERTISE IN YOUR FACE”. No, instead it’s saying “Hey, here’s something I find interesting and it made me think of you”.

You’re not writing from a place of authority, you’re writing from a place of curiosity. Open writing, not closed writing.

I try to do that as much as I can both on my blogs and on social media. There are some things I’m very passionate about and convey as much authority I have without pretending that I have more. Sometimes, people miscontrue that as a higher level of expertise but I can’t control their opinions. But I mostly shitpost and talk about my thoughts out loud. I ask questions; the kind that people should be asking but don’t. And I think critical thinking is crucial now, more than ever. We have the power and often pretend like the power has already been lost (and people LOVE to tell you *insert doomsday prediction* is already here!” and offer no further context about what any of that means).

I’ll write a thread of consciousness or I’ll write a single, throwaway comment. But I’ll keep it moving. Unless it involves scale (because you still don’t understand it).

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