Release Notes #5

I see so many pithy quotes and slogans on social media, giving us directives to better life and while I agree with some and I’ve promoted them as such, I wonder: where is the space for variability, fluctuation, and, in essence, humanity?

Discipline is key but what happens when external forces break that discipline? There’s a space between the break and returning to routine (if we even do) and it’s such a crucial time. Groups like the cult of positivity and The Church of Latter Day Risers & Grinders say to get back in immediately and to never let a setback or negativity stop you. But that negativity could be a life lesson because there’s no escaping it. How can we learn to protect ourselves or build necessary resilience if we never know what we’re facing. Another problem is not having the time to do it because we’ve got to survive. Many people aren’t. I appreciate that. If anything, that’s where space and grace needs to be given to those people.

But you might not get to that point if we live off the short and snappy slogans on Instagram and Twitter. It’s the epitome of “easier said than done”.

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