Release Notes #14

I’ve not read the whole “pause AI” letter and I’m skeptical of Elon Musk’s involvement in it (I don’t think it should be completely ignored or that it’s mutually exclusive to the principles of the letter) but I also don’t think that the polar opposite is better, ie. investors and AI tycoons saying we should accelerate instead and add safeguards in place . Like wtf? Mostly women, particularly women of colour have been shouting about these harms for years and been ignored or straight up fired (with the classic excuse of “their work was below par”) so if it was disregarded then, what makes them think it’ll suddenly be taken seriously and competently put in place now? And who is gonna do it and check it when all the ethics teams are getting gutted? It’s all a front to look like they care and that’s enough for some people; no action, just a sense of awareness. Reminds me of the Defund The Police calls and Biden saying “no, we should actually boost the police’s budgets”. UGH! /rantover

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