Release Notes #12

I think it’s dangerous for creatives of influence to tell other creatives that they need to follow a similar path that they did in order to be “successful”. It suggests that the system works linearly and any deviation is going to fail, rather than dismantle processes that otherwise oppress or restrict creativity and longevity. “The system is fine, you’ve just got to follow it to be like me and my peers.” Bullshit. Subversion is the way to go. That’s why I don’t really go for reforms as a silver bullet for oppression in society. If a house is built to keep rich white folks warm and kill anyone who isn’t, redecorating a few rooms won’t do anything; that house has to come down. The sooner we start organising to make those moves, the better it’ll be for the marginalised. And within that, we can also find our moments of joy, wonder, and happiness because there’s always space for that.

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