Videos I've been watching to keep me going

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It’s tough out there (or should that be in here?) and because I don’t watch TV, I take comfort in YouTube when I need some visual stimulation. Here are some videos I’ve been watching to keep my mind off things. Might make this into a series.

1. Jamie Foxx roasting Doug Williams

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It’s old but I found this again via another video and it’s been good to revisit this hilarious meta-roast and get some laughs.

2. Prince’s While My Guitar Gently weeps guitar solo, but with More Prince

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Another classic I regularly watch but this new version has more close ups of Prince and my goodness, it’s even better. I actually welled up today watching it. Breathtaking.

3. Clips of Star Trek

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Most of them have been of The Next Generation but Deep Space 9 will always be my #1. This clips shows Elim Garak giving zero fucks about Gul Dukat’s feelings and I love him for it.

4. Aaron ‘Cybertron’ Zheng

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As I continue to get into Pokémon VGC, I keep watching Aaron ‘Cybertron’ Zheng’s awesome videos for inspiration, tips, and the love of Pokémon. He’s one of the greatest VGC players of all time and if you’re into VGC, you need to subscribe.

5. Khruangbin

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Just listen. And find more of their music and listen some more. They’re my pick for best band out right now and that’ll be the happiest hill I’ll ever die on.

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