Public health

Imagine public health policies that included mental + physical check ups with dedicated healthcare professionals, accomodating for different cultures, genders, sexualities, + disabilities etc. etc. All permanently free, accessible, regularly maintained, and open to feedback.

Governments react different to this kind of ideology:

  • Some liken it to communism aka a cancer to society (what, more than you’re giving us now?)

  • Some call it idealistic

  • Some claim to strive for this but haven’t come remotely close in decades

  • Some probably believe they have this but I don’t believe they do—just ask the people of colour in your communities

Public health is a pillar of society. There is no social care without basic public health care and we’re being let down time and time again. It’s not a lack of money; we know it exists but it’s spent on policies that specfiically oppose public health care (here and abroad via warfare). It’s not a time constraint because we’ve had decades to do it. And it’s not a technology issue as the other two have combined to facilitate a lot of technology that demeans us and makes us unsafe.

I don’t care how idealistic the above sounds to you. It’s an ideal we should all strive for and it should be a bare minimum. Everyone should be able to live in safety and happiness knowing that we are cared for by the people around us. But instead, capitalism instills fear in us so we can keep their cogs turning and not even an ongoing pandemic can stop it. In fact, it’s somehow made capitalists dig their heels in and make more profit in the process.

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