Night off

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Tonight, I deactivated from Twitter. It’s only for the night although if tomorrow is as bad as today, I’ll extend it.

It started with the Meghan Markle interview with Oprah. If her saddening accounts of experiencing racism—towards herself and her son—and suicidal thoughts weren’t bad enough, people were exploiting the situation for Twitter coverage. After getting called out (by me and a Black woman), a couple of the tweets I saw were deleted.

Then there was the shitty “women belong in the kitchen” tweet from Burger King which was meant to be a clickbait opener to stating the company’s committment to better gender representation. Not cool. “Ironic” sexism is just sexism.

And speaking of questionable mentions of gender representation, I saw more conflations of International Women’s Day and being a woman with being non-binary. They are not the same. You can’t just say “women and non-binary people” if non-binary people haven’t called for it and not on a day that isn’t for them.

Ultimately, today has shown a lot of people for the fake allies they are (if they were even allies to begin with). I tweeted my 2 cents and bounced for the night. I won’t feel a way about making it longer and I have a feeling I might.

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