My Record Store Day

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As a producer and crate digger, Record Store Day is a like a second Christmas. This year was my second Record Store Day and I was hoping to pick up some of the exclusives. Unfortunately, the main store I usually go to that was stocking the ones I wanted (Sister Ray) had a queue snaking right round the block so I decided against it (I don’t like being crowded). Instead, I popped into Honest Jon’s where I picked up a Sun Ra record and Miles Davis CD. Then, I went to Soho and Reckless Records, where I picked up a couple more records. My final stop was Music & Video Exchange in Notting Hill. By now, I was in my element. I bought another three Miles Davis CDs (including Bitches Brew, finally!) and a whole load of other bargain gems.

Here’s a full list:

I was stoked to get four Miles CDs (alas no vinyl) and a Dilla related purchase. All in all, I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed my second ever Record Store Day and I’m glad I went in the morning. Maybe next year I’ll be able to pick up some exclusives.

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