My love of Sony hardware design

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Sony design

I’ve not owned many Sony products but I’ve always admired their design. Here are some of my favourites.


Memorex minidisc Sony MZ-N707 MD Walkman

I’ve always wanted a MiniDisc Walkman ever since I saw my cousin with one. Obsolete is an understatement for this technology but still cool.

Sony Xperia phone

Xperia XZ

I owned the Xperia Z5 but this model isn’t far from it in terms of design. Simple and sleek, just how I like it.


Sony Walkman Sony Walkman Family

I only had the CD Walkman with “shock protection” but the original can’t be beaten. It’s an iconic design and still works wonders if you can find a working model on eBay. Play your cassettes with ease and stay wired for sound.


PlayStation 2 controller PSone console

I never got to own the PSone but I did have the original PlayStation and the PS2. The official controller is a work of ergonomic art and the PSone is wonderful and compact, in its soft grey shell.

Sony ⍺

Sony Alpha

The Sony Alpha, or ⍺, looks incredible. I own a Canon but I wouldn’t say no to one of these.

Sony Cyber-shot

SONY Cyber-shot

Another example of sleek and simple design, the Cybershot was a high quality point-and-click camera with its state-of-the-art Carl Ziess lens. If you saw a digital photo from the 00s, it was probably taken with a Cybershot.

Xperia Tablet

Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet

This isn’t the Zperia tablet I own but the range is great. It’s not my #1 tablet range (that accolade belongs to the Google Nexus tablet family) but it comes in at a close second with Sony’s trademark polished look.

Memory Stick Pro Duo

Memory Stick Pro Duo

Not quite as obsolete as the MiniDisc but not far off. I don’t know why I like this periphery so much but the typography is great. That’s about it.

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