My big Pokémon self-project

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After watching the Pokémon World Championships last week, I felt inspired to get all the legendaries from every game up to SV (Scarlet & Violet). Obtaining them has been made a lot easier in recent years, with Dynamax Adventures in Sword & Shield, and Ultra Wormholes in Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon. Those games can take a long time to complete to get there so I figured playing the older games would be a lot quicker.

That endeavour meant I’ve played a lot of Pokémon and moving them through multiple consoles. This week alone (14th–20th August 2023), I’ve done the following:

It’s been gruelling but worth it as it meant I could finally finish Emerald for the first time (I only ever played Sapphire) and create teams of Pokémon I’d never used before. The most difficult thing to get so far has been the Faraway Island Mew from a Japanese copy of Pokémon Emerald. That involved playing through the game (with help from Google Translate), getting to use the ticket, and then trading it to my English copy of Emerald. But it’s there now and ready for the upcoming Get Mew & Mewtwo! Raid in SV.

As of 20th August, I’m currently on Pokémon Platinum which will give me the following legendaries and mythicals:

I’ll be updating this through my quest and will likely update my Pokémon teams list to document who got me through each game. Wish me luck!

  1. ^ Using the EON Ticket
  2. ^ Using the MysticTicket
  3. ^ Using the AuroraTicket
  4. ^ Using the Old Sea Map on a Japanese copy of Emerald
  5. ^ I either won't go for these or I will but won't trade them up to Home as they wouldn't be legal You can't stop me, The Pokémon Company!
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