I also love my website

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I discovered anhvn.com, the personal site of Anh, a designer and artist based in Canada and I love it. Then I found one of her blog posts called “I love my website” which was part of a chain following similar posts by Winnie Lim, Tracy Durnell, James, and Jeremy Keith.

So I’m here to jump on that bandwagon—I also love my website. This is like the 10th or 11th iteration of my personal website and this one is my favourite. It’s still not quite as streamlined as I’d like it but it’s just good enough to leave alone without expecting it to fall apart. Sure, Google likes to deindex a lot of my pages (which irks me as a full-time technical SEO) but it’s all real and personal to me and that’s precisely what you want from a personal website.

That said, now that I’ve seen Anh’s “redesigning in public”, I’m getting a teeny tiny itch to make some tweaks of my own. I can never sit still for too long when it comes to personal web design.

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