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When we use social media platforms, we relinquish control on our creations. They have the power to block, ban, and remove whatever you do and not give you an explanation. You may never get it back and there’s almost nothing you can do about it. You effectively rent space and hope they don’t pull the rug from under you.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t use them (although there’s a case for that which I won’t go into here) but it’s dangerous to only use social media platforms to showcase your work and not have any kind of backup. That’s why having a website or a space you are in more/full control of is essential.

Places like Twitter, Instagram, et al should be extending tools and platforms. It’s not wise to decentralise your art and give the responsibility to third parties who don’t have your best interests at heart. Get that website, make it your main hub, and use other platforms are offshoots. The best case scenario would be to create your own site from scratch but that’s not accessible to everyone so here’s a list of options:

Web builders/blog platforms

Web hosts

Website Planet have also put together a list of the best green Web hosts you should check out if eco-friendliness is something you care about.

All of the above options have an element of risk. You could still lose your work or have it taken down as you’re still renting space (and paying for it this time). That can make it less viable than using a free social media platform. So weigh up the pros and cons and what you want to create and showcase and whether it’s worth it to you. Then, gain control back. Well, more than you had before.

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