Bad Boys For Years

This post was a little different when I wrote it on my phone. Then I couldn’t save it, thought I’d copied everything and when I reloaded the page, somehow only got one paragraph.

So now you have this. It’s still about Bad Boys - which I watched tonight and enjoyed for the 10th time - but not in the same way. Whatever.

I logged it in Letterboxd and noticed there have been multiple films made called Bad Boys.

  • Bad Boys (1961) - A Japanese film about “a young delinquent who takes part in a robbery and is sentenced to a juvenile detention centre, where he clashes with other youths and reflects on his life experiences”.
  • Bad Boys (1983) - A similar film (is it a Western remake?) about a delinquent sent to a juvenile detention centre starring Sean Penn, Clancy Brown, and Ally Sheedy
  • Bad Boys (2003) - A Finnish “true story” with four topless white men on the cover
  • Bad Boys (2014) - A documentary about the Detroit Pistons

I might watch the one about the Detroit Pistons. Probably gonna skip the Finnish one.

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