1 Year Later

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I’ll be brief.

It’s been a year since the death of George Floyd. It was a watershed moment for a lot of people when it could have been avoided. I’m still tired, still angry, still suspicious, and still reeling from the last year. I allowed myself to think changes could be made but white people let me down. Again. And while Black communities have responded and shifted and fought hard in that time which has helped me and many other, nothing has really changed besides some names on food packaging. I’ve seen so-called allies get his name wrong on videos, buy books to “do the reading”, give them away without starting them, make snide comments about “not being woke enough”, complain of “ally fatigue”, post black squares only to take them down because they messed up the grid, people remain silent despite their presence and influence within Black cultures. It’s been a lot.

It makes it look like George Floyd died so Uncle Ben and Aunt Jemima could retire from their advertising duties and got a “thanks, bro” from Nancy Pelosi. How sweet!

Black Lives Still Matter and fuck the police.

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