Morsel #8: Bandcamp Album Length Calculator

My eighth morsel is a Python script that returns the running time of an album from Bandcamp in your CLI of choice. I previously used a JS plugin/applet in my browser but it stopped working and couldn’t find a replacement (there probably is one but I also don’t like installing add-ons unless I have to because Chromium browsers already hog enough memory!)

Then I thought “why not create a quick script to do the job?“. I have also made this into a Streamlit app but that’ll be coming in a future morsel. In the meantime, I discovered argparse and thought it’d be handy for me to have everything run in my CLI and print out the album length. No frills!


How to use

In your command line, enter python3 -u [URL] and it will print out the running time in seconds.

Python functions used

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