19 Jan 2021

Sound familiar?

Person 1: This piece of technology could do this really helpful thing

Person 2: That's really great. I just hope that it isn't used for nefarious activities down the line.

Person 1: Stop being so pessimistic and appreciate what they're actually doing with it. You're not helping!

[bad thing that Person 2 was cautious about happens]

Person 1: Omg, this bad thing happened. I can't believe it!

Person 2: I literally warned you this might happen.

Person 1: Stop being so self-righteous and appreciate what the seriousness of is happening. You're not helping!

Person 2: Fuck this shit.

[Person 2 finds like-minded people to form a safe space to combat bad thing that happened, share jokes, and generally feel better about the new circumstances]

Person 1: I don't see why this group exists. It's exclusionary.

Person 2: No it isn't. And you made me feel excluded.

Person 1: You can't prove that. Anyway, I want to join.

Person 2: You can't as this space is not for you. You are welcome to create your own group.

[Person 1 writes think piece about feeling excluded and bullied, gives full details of Person 2]

[Person 2 is doxxed and harassed]

Person 2: Why would you do this? And you weren't bullied!

Person 1: I'm sorry, I didn't think that would happen. But, I was bullied and you're bullying me now. I feel unsafe.

[Person 1 writes long Twitter thread abot feeling unsafe and deactivates, absolving themselves of any responsibility or accountability]

[Person 2 continues to be harassed]

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