06 Jun 2024

How I make albums

  1. I come up with a theme or follow on from an existing one
  2. I gather lots of samples (too many is enough)
  3. I start making drafts, usually 1 or 2 bar loops
  4. I keep doing this until I have a batch of them
  5. I come back the next day and start going through them and flesh them out with skits, beat variations, and other forms of orchestration
  6. I listen to other artists for inspiration and copy bits from them (not the sound, just little techniques or drum rhythms)
  7. When I think I’m done, I bounce each track to a WAV file and put it on my phone to test out on my headphones
  8. I make the album cover
  9. I make notes of what needs to change, usually levels or EQ
  10. I make those changes and go back to Step 7 and 9 (if necessary)
  11. When I’m happy, I put it on Bandcamp
  12. ?????
  13. PROFIT!
Earworm lyrics