28 Jul 2017

I am...

I am inwardly excitable

I am thoughtful

I am theoretical

I am a procrastinator

I am productive

I can be professional

I work quickly

I am biased

I do not believe in under/overachieving

I am knowledgeable

I am a quiet follower

I am quiet

I am pensieve

I am logical

I am not original

I am an introvert

I am particular when it comes to the arts

I try to be stoic

I am inconsistent

I am compassionate (most of the time)

I am not incredible

I prefer to be independent

I have integrity

I am emotional

I am too forgiving sometimes

I can be sensuous

I am generous

I am devoted

I am not rebellious

I am cooperative

I am interesting when

I let myself be

I am meditative

I can be understanding

I am too passive

I am attentive

I am open-minded

I am highly committed

I am conscientious

I am mature

I am regularly demotivated

I am not sociable

I am friendly

I am realistic

I am reliable

I am respectful

I am creative

I am far from confident

I am trustworthy

I am unique

I am adept

I am analytical

I am articulate

I am artistic

I am tolerant within reason

I am naive

I am selfless

I can be selfish

I don't feel strong

I am tactful

I am talented

I am highly intelligent

I am changeable

I can be passionate

I am "lukewarm"

I am funny

I am dependable

I am loyal

I try to be socially conscious

I am way too modest

I am genuine

I am very sensitive

I am too sensible

I am sincere

I am skilled

I am helpful

I am disorganised

I am pleasant

I am adaptable

I am perceptive

I am very easy going

I am the best listener

I am imaginative

I am insightful

I am flawed

But I am me.