My Pokémon teams

Pokémon Blue

Blastoise sprite Graveler sprite Victreebel sprite Electrode sprite Pidgeot sprite Articuno sprite

Despite having a legendary in the team, Blastoise the alpha and omega. I instantly fell in love from the box art and I always pick Squirtle. I didn't have any friends to trade with so Graveler remained unevolved. Pidgeot was my go-to flying type until I got Articuno but that served more as a stone cold assassin.

Pokémon Silver

Feraligatr sprite Graveler sprite Ampharos sprite Lugia sprite Pidgeot sprite Haunter sprite

It was another case of double birds. Lugia captured my heart at 11 years old and I've loved her ever since. Haunter was the second "no friends so no evolution" 'mon.

Pokémon Sapphire

Swampert sprite Swellow sprite Hariyama sprite Aggron sprite Glalie sprite Kyogre sprite

This was the first game where I couldn't rely on Gen 1 Pokémon but the ones I made do with had awesome character designs. A floating Jason X ball? An iron dragon monster boss? KYOGRE?!