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pul·sar (pŭl′sär′) n. Any of several celestial objects emitting periodic, short, intense bursts of radio, x-ray, or visible electromagnetic radiation, generally believed to be quickly rotating neutron stars. pen·guin (pĕng′gwĭn, pĕn′-) n. 1. Any of various stout, flightless aquatic birds of the family Spheniscidae, of the Southern Hemisphere, having flipperlike wings and webbed feet adapted for swimming and diving, short scalelike feathers, and white underparts with a dark back. 2. [Obsolete] The great auk. ----- I had planned to drop this after adding a few more tracks but an unfortunate even made me realise sometimes, you can't wait for everything to be 'perfect'. 18 tracks, no theme. Hope you enjoy it. Dedicated to the people of Nice, Frederic Domoy of Sonic Import in Nice (http://www.sonic-vinyl.com) and his beautiful little dog.

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Desert Goose THE Black Nerd Beat Tape