My Top 10 Pokémon Of All Time

Lots of Pokémon

5. Arcanine

Arcanine by TsaoShin

Fixating on one type means you miss out on version exclusive. I was a Blue boy so I never got the chance to get an Arcanine. I would watch on as Gary (or “Blue”) would train up his Growlithe and return with an Arcanine in the Champion battle. The AI wasn’t too great so Arcanine never got to showcase its true talent but it was a mighty beast. When I finally got the opportunity to train a Growlithe on Pokémon Black 2, I lost my DS on the bus with the cart in it. One day I will have you, Legendary Pokémon!

4. Pidgeot

Pidgeot by Foureyedalien

Now we’re getting into deep Gen 1 territory. If you didn’t have a Pidgeot in your Gen 1 team I can only assume you had a Fearow or Legendary bird instead). I discovered on my Blue Nuzlocke that Fearow has certain advantages: quicker access to Flying STAB moves and Mirror Move, higher Attack, evolves to final evolution sooner. But Pidgeot reigns supreme in every other category.

3. Golem

Mega Golem by Dragonith

Always a Graveler, never a Golem. I didn’t have friends to trade with to get my precious Megaton Pokémon and I still don’t… which is why I bought another 3DS to trade with myself. Why should we deprive ourselves of the things we want? I loved the fact it was some kind of tortoise in a hench ball of rock (again, we’ll get onto something very similar soon).

2. Articuno

Articuno by crayon-chewer

Ice types got a bad wrap in Gen 1 and the stigma carried over into later gens. There were very few of them and their stats generally sucked. Articuno was the best of a bad bunch and the key to beating Lance if you didn’t give someone Ice Beam. It also acted as a Flyer to give extra team coverage (everyone needs a flyer, right?) Aesthetically, the blue was also gorgeous. Such a majestic Pokémon.

1. Blastoise

Blastoise in Gen 1, 2, 3, and 4

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love Blastoise. Blue was my first Pokémon game. I used to spend ages staring at the box art, enchanted by its grandeur. I always pick Squirtle or find a way to add him in later gens, even at the expense of cheating. There are better Water types but it’s made for Bulk and does an efficient job. Tortoises are one of my favourite animals so we were made for each other. I’m still not over Ash’s Charizard beating Gary’s Blastoise in Johto.

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