My Top 10 Pokémon Of All Time

Lots of Pokémon

No Pokémon blog would be complete without an all-time favourite list. I will be doing a few of these Top 10s to give an idea of what I like and what to expect. I’m gonna be controversial and say I’m a bit of a Genwunner. Truth be told, I’m a Gentwoer. That doesn’t mean I hate Gen 3 and above but they don’t resonate with me in the same way. Rest assured all gens will be covered on OldManGlitch at some point so don’t expect too much of a bias. If I’ve not turned you off, that’s a good sign so let’s get on with the Top 10!

10. Pyroar

Pyroar Pokedolls

When I found out there was a lion Pokémon in Gen 6, I was ecstatic. I have a Pyroar in my second team on ORAS and I love it. I’m surprised there haven’t been more Pyroar toys. It’s cute and there are specific male and female variants. Stats-wise, it’s fast and great for Special offense with a potent movepool.

9. Kyogre

Kyogre by greyanimebeast

I’m two Pokémon in and they’re both outside the first two Gens. Told you I wasn’t a staunch Genwunner. My cousin in the States got me Sapphire and I spent ages trying to catch Kyogre without a Master Ball. But I did. As legendaries go, it’s an awesome Water type and Water types are my favourite. When it came to ORAS, I asked for Alpha Sapphire. I wanted another Kyogre. As you’d expect from an Uber, it has a powerful movepool and immense Special Attack and Defense stats. I wouldn’t want to get caught with this in a storm.

8. Mewtwo

Mewtwo is Epic by lord-phillock

Second legendary in a row. I grew to respect Mewtwo after the first Pokémon movie. It’s also OP in the first games which I thought was kinda cool. I was so shook of the Mecha Mewtwo from the movie. They should have done something with that in the games besides the Berserk Gene. If only they’d made a Mewthree…

7. Jolteon

#135 - Jolteon by Aenea-Jones

This is a new addition to my fave list. I rarely trained the Eevee from Celadon Mansion or Goldenrod City. The one time I did, I got a Vaporeon (no prizes for guessing why). Vaporeon has its advantages (high HP and good movepool) but Jolteon was so broken in Gen 1. Second fastest in the game and high Special meant a Thunderbolt would hit first and hit hard. My Jolteon in my Pokémon Blue Nuzlocke swept through Lorelei at Level 42 with no fuss.

6. Lugia

Lugia by LugiaGirl2

The penultimate legendary in the list and mascot for Pokémon Silver. I like to use Lugia as my flyer and psychic type. Strong movepool and it can take a hit too. Always preferred it to Ho-Oh and I don’t know why. I put it down to its resemblance to Water/Ice types in colouring. I once caught one with a Poké Ball. Using this catch rate calculator, the chances were over 1% and it only took me ONE GO. It was fate.

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