Team Rocket Return With Super Villain Friends in Ultra Sun & Moon


I like to think of myself as a good guy but I’ve always liked Team Rocket. They might be the epitome of capitalism (which I don’t like) but Jessie, James, and Meowth are comical and Giovanni is cool if not naïve to trust any of his workers. In the anime, they are foiled in every single episode. In the games, it takes one prepubescent boy to overthrow over four generations (two of them being remakes of course). But despite Giovanni disbanding Team Rocket in Johto, they will be returning for Gen 7.

We don’t know what Team Rocket will be getting up to but they won’t be alone. All the villains from Gen 3-7 will be joining forces against you as the main protagonist. An update video shows Team Rocket as “Team Rainbow Rocket”, alongside other new features. From the promo image, you can see Giovanni with Team Flare’s Lysandre, Ghetsis of Team Plasma, Team Galactic’s Cyrus, Maxie and Archie from Team Magma, and Aqua and Faba from the Aether Foundation. It would have been super cool to see Silver follow in his father’s footsteps to complete the reunion but that’s taking the fantasy too far.

And can we discuss the fact that GIOVANNI HAS A MEWTWO IN THIS VIDEO?! Nostalgia overload!

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