My Personal History In The Pokémon World

Gen 1 to Gen 7 Starters by Huiro

Gen 5

Pokemon Black

That game being Pokémon Black. I pre-ordered my copy on Amazon and still have the plastic case. This was my least favourite version game excluding Diamond and Pearl (I hate it. So damn slow). The game was much faster but none of the Pokémon appealed to me and neither did the storyline. Only this week have I got the 8th gym badge and entered the Pokémon League. 6 years later. And I’m only doing it to start the process of moving my SoulSilver team into Sun & Moon. I bought Black 2 in 2014 but lost that, along with my red DS (and my wallet) on a bus. History repeat itself and it was not a good look.

Gen 6

Pokemon Alpha Sapphire

The festive tradition of a new Pokémon game was reignited when I was gifted a 2DS and Pokémon AlphaSapphire. I hadn’t played Pokémon besides old versions on emulators for years and it took a few days before I dug in. It didn’t long to immerse myself in it all again and it enveloped me for some time after. I still dip in every now and again as I aim to complete my first ever Pokédex. If you haven’t already noticed, I love the game but I’m not great at finishing things before the next game comes out. Not completing a Pokédex after 18 years is sacrilege but whatever, I’ll get there. I skipped X and Y but did get a preowned cart after getting Alpha Sapphire. It was full of hacked Pokémon which I plan to exchange for legit ones. Call it a Pokémon amnesty.

Gen 7

Pokemon Sun

Pokémon Sun & Moon was gifted for my 27th birthday. I played it for a few hours after getting it but again, it didn’t grip me like previous versions. The thing that turned me off was the obscene number of cut scenes and spoon-feeding gameplay. It was reworked to cater to new fans and make it easier to play but it alienated me as a long time player. I’ve not played it for a while but had to make up a specific team to squeeze out any interest (which I’ll probably discuss in a later post). Although not Gen 7, I jumped at the chance to get Red/Blue on the Virtual Console and, more recently, Gold and Silver. Blue played host to my first ever Nuzlocke and I’m actively playing my new Silver Nuzlocke (which I’ll update soon).

Even with a 6-year lull period, my appreciation for Pokémon remained with the anime and older games. When I get attached to a game, I rarely deviate from that particular version which is why I’m more of a Genwunner. I don’t fall into every stereotype of a Genwunner; there aren’t too many Pokémon as the number represents the breadth of the animal kingdom. Baby Pokémon were a good idea too as well as Mega Evolutions. But I do think some Pokémon have unnecessary/ill-thought evolutions.

Pokémon videos have provided me with a new love of competitive play and how other players interact. It has also given me ideas for my own teams and how I perceive new – and old – adventures. I may be an old soul when it comes to Pocket Monsters but I will always seek out the new when it arrives. Ultra Sun & Moon are on my Amazon wishlist by the way…

(image courtesy of Huiro)

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