The Godliest Paras of All Time


Everyone knows Paras is one of the weakest Pokémon out there. In the anime, it was so weak Ash had to ask his Charmeleon to let it win in The Problem with Paras (and it famously ignored his request). So you wouldn’t expect one to beat a Totodile, right? Well, that actually happened. During Gunnermaniac3‘s Pokémon Gold speedrun, he encountered the little insect in Bugsy’s gym. It was Level 13 so no big deal. But it got off a Stun Spore which caused more problems than usual. Totodile landed two Scratches which brought Paras down to about 2HP but Totodile couldn’t finish him off. A run of FOUR “fully paralyzed” messages was followed by a critical hit from Paras to defeat the blue crocodile. Naturally, Gunnermaniac3 was flummoxed. The chances of this happening are approximately 0.39% and for this to happen during a speedrun makes it even more painful. The stream commentators were less sympathetic with one person telling Gunnermaniac3 to “stop crying”. Some kids just don’t understand.

You can watch the madness unfold below.

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