My name is Luke Alex Davis and this is OldManGlitch.

I’ve been playing Pokémon since it was released in Europe back in 1998. I also suffer from anxiety and this blog came from a particularly difficult week. Watching Shadypenguinn and NiPPs Rival Locke made me feel a lot better and I realised Pokémon had more value than entertainment. OldManGlitch is the manifestation of that idea. It won’t be a vanity project – I want to discuss Pokémon and mental health together and how one can help the other for those reading. Even if you’re not a Pokémon fan, it’s my aim to provide support in any way I can.

As for the name, that comes from the infamous “Old Man Glitch” on Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow that allowed you to conjure Missingno and the infinite items cheat. We have our own “glitches” in life and I hope this blog can help turn those glitches into proverbial Rare Candies and Nuggets.

Thanks for reading and hope to see you around!