Weekly Round Up #5

July 09, 2017

Trevor McDonald It's been a while since my last weekly round up. I'll skip the intro of how I'm doing and get to it.

  • My mental health still isn't 100% and it's no coincidence it feels worse during weekends when I don't have work to distract me (even if that contributes to its disintegration.) On the plus side, however, I am currently undergoing CBT to try and tackle things in the present. I don't know whether I'll be able to analyse the past to find out why I'm here but time will tell. I've got my first appointment tomorrow.
  • Last week, I started a digital marketing diploma with the Digital Marketing Institute. I was getting increasingly fed up of being told I lacked the professional experience so with some financial help, I enrolled on this course and hopefully, this will be the pick up I need in interviews.
  • I've taken another social media break, but this time it's only my personal account that I've deactivated. Facebook is still active as I don't find that as intrusive anymore. My head isn't in the best place to be active on Twitter right now so I've decided to close that until I'm a bit better. I read a couple of articles on Twitter today: Twitter is a slot machine constructed from humans and Twenty Theses about Twitter both by Eric Posner. They're critical of Twitter as a whole and while I don't agree with everything said, there's some general truth in what is said. I've constantly changed how I approach Twitter and express myself while not being happy with myself to begin with. Until that is sorted, I shouldn't be there from a personal perspective.

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