Luke's Daily Thought #1

January 24, 2018

Every so often I'm going to write some of my daily thoughts. If you find them useful, great. You can also share them if you think they'll be beneficial for others.

Today's thought came from a conversation with someone I know. Someone they spoke to became defensive when asked questions in an aid to help them. It reminded me of how we sometimes behave like this when we feel embarrassed about a situation and don't want to deal with it. On the flipside, the person could have apologised and been cooperative or left the conversation abruptly at the thought of talking anymore. These are all human reactions to the world around us. Very often we feel "possessed" by some otherworldly force when we lose our temper or feel depressed and sometimes with positive emotions, on the verge of euphoria. When we perceive it in this way, we try to rationalise these feelings as separate from us and who we are.

But they aren't.

There are no demons taking over our bodies - it's all us. By separating the action and the culprit, we absolve responsibility and don't deal with the underlying issue. It's something I have done myself and it does feel like you're a different person. But the truth is you're exactly the same person. Once we start to acknowledge these changes in our behaviours, we can learn to deal with them in a productive way. It might mean leaving the room or cutting someone off during this process. These can still be outward forces that influence your actions but how YOU act is all down to you.