The Donation Page

This is a list of all the animal charities you can donate to as part of the Biolocke Challenge. You can donate to any of these charities and if you do, you qualify for a nickname for one of my Pokémon. Here’s a scenario:

  • You decide to donate £5 to Cats Protection
  • You let me know you’ve donated
  • I catch a Mewtwo in the wild
  • You get to nickname that Mewtwo

TL;DR – Simply donate to any of the charities below and you get to nickname a Pokémon.

Pokémon Blue

For TORRENT the Wartortle:

For CASPER the Gengar:

For WYCLEF the Dragonite:

For CHICAGO the Tauros

For STATIC the Zapdos

For MACKEY the Hitmonlee

  • WWF (minimum donation – £3) (As Hitmonlee isn’t based on a particular animal, I couldn’t think of a charity specific to a certain species)